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Indus book featured in Vogue

People of the Indus got featured in Vogue India in an article titled “6 graphic novels by Indian creators to watch out for in 2022” which, as the title says, covers 6 different upcoming graphic novels, mine being one of them.

Here’s an excerpt:

Monster children confront their greatest fears in magical forests; a young boy discovers a gender norm-defying passion for embroidery; an artist walks through the ruins of one of the world’s most enigmatic civilisations. This year, Indian writers and illustrators are considering some of the more complicated issues of our time: from dismantling the patriarchy and questioning long-accepted ideals of beauty, to investigating the way we collect and preserve our stories. These upcoming graphic novels by Indian creators promise to be some of the most exciting reads in 2022.

Find the complete article here.

Excerpt from People of the Indus
Excerpt from People of the Indus

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