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I started Oddball Comics as a platform for creating modern comics and stories. I always felt that the world needed more stories -- stories that evoked wonder, promoted compassion, and gave meaning to life.

A few years ago, after the standard engineering->MBA->job track, I reached a point where I felt compelled to switch to something more meaningful. So I decided to quit my full-time job and go back to my childhood interests. I picked up the brush (and pen) and started making comics.

I had grown up reading comics, but then gave them up at some point. When I rediscovered comics as an adult, I realised what a wonderfully versatile medium they could be. I wanted to tell all kinds of different stories through comics. I started with a historical narrative. This was Shepherd's Hill, a book about the rise and fall of Golconda. You can find it here.

At this time, I was lucky to find a mentor in Prof. Sunil Handa, a professor at IIM-Ahmedabad and an entrepreneur who encouraged me to start making my own comics. He even supported me by funding the first print run of Shepherd's Hill. What followed over the next few years were comics and storybooks, some of which got published by Pratham Books and Puffin, most of which you can find here on this site.

Most recently I released my first full-length graphic novel, a non-fiction historical narrative of the Indus Civilisation. It is called the People of the Indus. It took 5 gruelling years of work, at least half of which were spent dealing with serious doubts and insecurities about the quality of my work and my ability to finish something so big, but I'm happy to announce that it was finally finished and was picked up for publishing by Penguin Random House, India. It was released in October 2022. You can read more about it here and here. It is available for purchase in bookstores all over India and on Amazon here.

I have begun to make a foray into digital comics. More and more people are consuming content on their devices and this is the direction I want to move in as well. With digital comics we can make use of the device and introduce interactivity and music to enhance the story experience. Stay tuned for more on this here at Consider subscribing to our mailing list if you want to be notified whenever new content gets released.

Thank you!

- Nikhil Gulati


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